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Sous Vide is method of cooking food not with the help of cylinder or stove. It is a unique method to cook food in a plastic bag by placing it into water bath. It is a unique and special method to cook. But everyone might be thinking that how could this be possible? Cooking food in plastic bag? Yes this is a great method. Cooking using this method is also very easy. If anything has its positive side then it has its drawback also. Using this method one need to cook for long hours. Those who have patience can deal this method at home.

Spanish Food

Why should not people have fun by enjoying eating food? Using sous vise method various types of food can be prepared. No fat and carbohydrates contained. Using this method one can gain high vitamins from food. The specialty of cooking food using this is that only non vegetarian foods are cooked more using this. And some desserts are also prepared using this. This system of cooking food using sous vide is not famous in India. It is best suited for other countries like France, America, Spain, Japan and so on.

Food in Spain

The most famous food cooked in Spain using this method is Sous Vise Octopus Spanish Tapas. This is one of the favorite and amazing foods for non vegetarian people living in Spain. This type of food is not usually cooked at home in Spain. Basically this is found in restaurants prepared by chefs. This is so because it requires long time to prepare this meal. Octopus in Spain is famous. But in India we do not cook this type of meal. Spanish foods are tasty to have.

Methods for preparing Octopus

The method of preparing Octopus is your choice. The people their cook this food by adding vinegar to it. Some of them cook them at low temperature. After killing an octopus they add vinegar to it to rectify all types of germs from it. Octopus is a type of sea food which is eaten by them. But in India we don’t eat ice food. It is not a cup of tea for Indian to have this meal. Using olive oil some ginger garlic paste and by adding masala to it one prepare this meal in Spain. The equipment needed to prepare this is sous vise setup, tongs, sous vide bag, grill. The time required for cooking this is 5 to 24 hours.


Cooking is a part of human life. If we compare cooking with sous vide method then it becomes more interesting. One should opt for this method in various other countries also. Like in India we can use this method. This is one of the innovative methods for cooking food. Chefs are using this method from many years. In restaurants also this method is used. All types of food cannot be prepared from this method. If you are hungry at want to eat food then you cannot rely on this method because cooking using this method needs time. To some extent you can use this method. Last for not the least save your life and enjoy food.

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One can choose to go with the sous vide cooking methods which can be a new way to get the foodstuffs cooked in the perfect styles. They are the ones which can be a perfect option for the fancy restaurants as well as a great option for the competition cooking. This is eventually becoming an essential part of healthy cooking. The major aspect with this cooking technique is that it can help retain the quality of the foodstuffs.

Why sous vide is a great option?

One can choose to go with the Sous vide. This is something that can prove to be more intense in comparison to many others. This is something a way forward than the disgraced cooking. This is something which can bring an impressive, perfect style for the cooked proteins. The method can be something which can help with the sealing food which can be something in the form of the presentation of airtight container. This is also something which can be in the form of the vacuum sealed bag. This is anything which can be in the form of the temperature control. The condition which can be utilised is “under vacuum, “. This can help with the maintainers of the protein quality marinade, the chilled sauce, herbs, as well as spices. This is something which can help retain the quality with the heated metal surface. This is a system which can not ever come in contact with the flames as well as steam. Such a method can be something which can help keep the foodstuffs warm.

Which foodstuffs can be best cooked?

One can choose to go with the use of the sous vide machine which can be utilised in the form of a heated metal coil which can be utilised to get the warm water. This can be something to help maintain the constant temperature, which is never prone to fluctuate standards. They can never reach the high as well as low extremes. Ten method which can be utilised is a gradual as well as controlled method. This is the technique which can be used in the cooking of the Protein contents like steak, steamed pork, chicken, as well as fish that can be also prone to the heat for the elongated spans of time. This is something which can go to the desired temperature. This can help retain the temperature for a long time.

The no-brainer that is Vacuum-sealed as well as ready to use

One can choose to go with the most probable methods for the sous vide. This is a technique which can help with the cooking of the same steak that can be readily cooked with the use of the stove, that can help with the high and direct heat. This is something which can help maintain the temperatures around 135°. This is the method which can help maintain the medium-rare throughout. Such a system can be the best to maintain the sous vide’s function, as well as help with the water circulation.


There is a lot of convenience with the use of the sous vide technique of the cooking. The improved methods can help with the proper nutrient regulation.


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Cooking sous vide cooking standards can actually come with the numerous benefits. This is something that can actually help one cook at lower temperatures. This is something which can be attained with longer heating. This is something which can help with the enhanced textures, the exceptional flavours as well as tenderness.

The importance of the technique

There is also another beauty in the manner that the foodstuffs are Never overcooked as well as are Perfect. This is the perfect style of cooking for the Organised kitchen as well as voting which is Stress-free. The technique can be a great one without the requirement of huge costs for the cooking. There are also other scores that can allow the foodstuffs to Freeze for later stages. Sous vide food can always prove to be a lot much tastier. They are also the ones which can prove to be more appealing. The food is a perfect one which is never open to dehydration as well as loss of the taste while it is utilised cooking.

This is something that can help retain the weight, natural flavour as well as the love natural colour and a special aroma. This is the perfect solution which can also make the foodstuffs healthy. There is never a composition of the additional salt as well as fat. The natural richness that is delivered in terms of the composition can bring great taste and help maintain the quality of cooking. With this technique, there is also an option to go with the vacuum sealing which can help feat in the quality of vitamins and minerals. This is a great way to help protect the quality of food.

Restaurant standard food

The technique can be the best which can deliver the unique quality of the taste to the ingredients. Besides making the foodstuff feel tastier, this is also a perfect t idea which can help maintain the texture and can help taste good. This is a great improvement from the conventional pattern if taste that is delivered to the chewy chicken as well as soggy asparagus. The best part of this technique is the unique quality and quantity of tenderness and moisture can make them healthy as well as crunchy and colourful.

A technique to bring the Consistent perfection with the good results

With this technique, there is a utilisation of the precise temperature which is the key to prepare the same perfect dish every time which can deliver the unparalleled accuracy along with the temperature control. Such a foodstuff can be an unique piece to deliver the unique taste as well as a healthy touch to the foodstuff. This is entirely a way to be far away from the consumption of the undercooked, chewy as well as burnt food. This is a better option than the still raw foods that are cooked with the use of the frying pan.


The foodstuff that is the best from every aspect is the one which can be preferred in the recent days. Such a taste can only be delivered with the use of the sous vide method.

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Introduction: Why to do with Spanish Sous Vide Cooking?

The sous vide cooking method which is also utilised for any kind if foodstuffs can prove to be the ultimate secret solution and a perfect weapon which can transform the ingredients into a complete tender, delicate texture. In the Spanish technique, this method can be righteously utilised in order to cook the sea animals like an octopus or a fish and deliver enough tenderness to the complete dish.

Where is this method popular?

This method of cooking is a Beloved choice in countries like Greece, Portugal, Italy, Mexico and of course Spain. One can simply choose to go with the octopus which can now also be a style to match the American kitchens. This if reared in a proper manner can be the perfect solution to the roughest surfaces of the meat. This is a perfect tenderness-inducing technique which can be delivered readily to the good stuff a. Though there are many other methods like rubbing which can be down with the help of a grated daikon as well as the addition of the wine corks, the best solution that can be delivered to bring the tenderness is the utilisation of the method of sous vide. They use one of the top rated sous vide machines found from SousVideWizard.com. We like the Anova Culinary sous vide machine the best.

How is this technique booming?

The technique can deliver great taste to the foodstuffs. No matter what one is wishing for, the technique can be the best to deliver on the great taste with the octopus grilled, can also be sautéed, chilled as well as sliced in the form of the salad. The best part of the use of the sous vide is the fact that it can deliver the tenderness, succulence, as well as velvety quality which can increase the cooking as well as eating experience.

With such ideas, one can be sure to get the desired taste and can be a great idea for a tasty evening. Octopus tentacles have proven themselves to be the ingredients which are always rich with the content of collagen. This is something that can prove to be tough as well as rubbery with the use of the traditional methods. However, when own chooses to go with the sous vide, one can be sure to get the fulfillment in taste with the use of a low as well as the slow process. This can helps the food to be eventually transformed into the tender gelatin, with the completely silky finished composition.

How to choose the ingredients?

One can simply make a perfect choice of ten ingredients by following the complete recipe. The quality of the foodstuffs is quite similar to the ones that are utilised in the form of a traditional cooking. All one needs to do is to go with the proper knowledge about the cooking standards and technique of Spanish sous vide recipe. Such a recipe can bring the elegance of the foodstuffs.


With the utilisation of the sous vide, one can be sure to get the maximum taste of tenderness with the foodstuffs. This is the technique which can be mostly utilised to bring the elegance in taste.

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