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Sous Vide is method of cooking food not with the help of cylinder or stove. It is a unique method to cook food in a plastic bag by placing it into water bath. It is a unique and special method to cook. But everyone might be thinking that how could this be possible? Cooking food in plastic bag? Yes this is a great method. Cooking using this method is also very easy. If anything has its positive side then it has its drawback also. Using this method one need to cook for long hours. Those who have patience can deal this method at home.

Spanish Food

Why should not people have fun by enjoying eating food? Using sous vise method various types of food can be prepared. No fat and carbohydrates contained. Using this method one can gain high vitamins from food. The specialty of cooking food using this is that only non vegetarian foods are cooked more using this. And some desserts are also prepared using this. This system of cooking food using sous vide is not famous in India. It is best suited for other countries like France, America, Spain, Japan and so on.

Food in Spain

The most famous food cooked in Spain using this method is Sous Vise Octopus Spanish Tapas. This is one of the favorite and amazing foods for non vegetarian people living in Spain. This type of food is not usually cooked at home in Spain. Basically this is found in restaurants prepared by chefs. This is so because it requires long time to prepare this meal. Octopus in Spain is famous. But in India we do not cook this type of meal. Spanish foods are tasty to have.

Methods for preparing Octopus

The method of preparing Octopus is your choice. The people their cook this food by adding vinegar to it. Some of them cook them at low temperature. After killing an octopus they add vinegar to it to rectify all types of germs from it. Octopus is a type of sea food which is eaten by them. But in India we don’t eat ice food. It is not a cup of tea for Indian to have this meal. Using olive oil some ginger garlic paste and by adding masala to it one prepare this meal in Spain. The equipment needed to prepare this is sous vise setup, tongs, sous vide bag, grill. The time required for cooking this is 5 to 24 hours.


Cooking is a part of human life. If we compare cooking with sous vide method then it becomes more interesting. One should opt for this method in various other countries also. Like in India we can use this method. This is one of the innovative methods for cooking food. Chefs are using this method from many years. In restaurants also this method is used. All types of food cannot be prepared from this method. If you are hungry at want to eat food then you cannot rely on this method because cooking using this method needs time. To some extent you can use this method. Last for not the least save your life and enjoy food.